When in doubt, knit.

My favorite part of the whole quilting process, I think, is when it's time to start the laying out of actual fabrics.  

I sewed eight segments together, sewing the wrong edges together on one and then running out of bobbin thread and not noticing on the last three.  Then I swore a lot, fixed it, and walked away for a bit, partly because quilting is supposed to improve my day, not make it worse, and also because the little one is going through a transition right now and it is a loud and time-consuming process, and incompatible with seam matching and correctly orienting anything.  (And sleeping, and thinking straight.) 

(Re-)Enter the baby dots/dot pattern blanket that I started oh, back before she was born.  It is a gigantic pain in the ass to knit, but I like the effect and it's giving me something to focus on.  Kiddo, I can't make you stop crying, but I can knit you this blanket.  

Happy crafting!

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