Orange Finish

The Orange Quilt is finished, and after one chance to snuggle up under it, I am officially jealous of the one who gets to keep it - it's so warm, and I think once it's broken in, it will be a delight. 

This is my favorite picture of it - it looks happiest in natural light. 

I'd been aiming to finish before all the leaves were off the trees, because it would've fit right in with the really stunning foliage this year.  Oh well. 

It finished at 62" x 83 1/2", down from 63" x 85".   The wool batting specified that it should be line dried, but yeah, that's not going to happen. 

The back turned out pretty much exactly like its planning sketch, which is nice.  I did need the mini tumblers to make up the full necessary length, though this is a wide fabric, so it only had to be pieced horizontally.  After using the first bed quilt I finished, I find that I like having the back indicate which direction the quilt goes onto the bed.  Less of an issue with this quilt, where the direction is more obvious from the front pattern. 

Using this tutorial, I made up a whole whack of bias binding out of Kona Cotton in Navy.  The tutorial worked nicely and sewing the binding on was very easy despite the curves of the tumbler edges. 

I feel a bit weird about this one, like it needs defending on the grounds that it's for a little kid who likes orange.  Which it is.  But I also ended up just liking it for itself - it's rather unyielding and stubbornly imperfect, and kind of weird, and also warm and cheerful and interesting.  Didn't ever expect to make a completely orange tumbler quilt, but I'm glad I did. 

Now I'm thinking that I'd really like a bed-sized wool batting quilt for my own bed - one with no crossing quilt lines, if we are to have learned anything at all. 

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Happy crafting!  


Esther said...

I LOVE this quilt! The oranges are all so juicy, it's so warm looking. The orange loving kid is going to be thrilled!

Anonymous said...

I gasped when I saw this -- I *love* it! So cheerful, like a large pitcher of orange juice. :D

I also like the way you've quilted with the narrow parallel lines. Totally tucking that idea away in my quilting ideas arsenal!

Thank you for sharing :)

DaisyLiz said...

Your orange quilt is AWESOME. And binding those tumbler shapes is impressive. Does the wool batting feel heavier than cotton batting? I haven't used wool before, but I want to... same with monochromatic orange. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your orange quilt! Fabulous!

Denise Russell said...

THAT is a beautiful quilt! What a great selection of orange fabrics... Just fantastic...

Kat said...

Awesome quilt! I really like the pieced backing.

Jennifer Stutheit said...

You have nothing to defend! It's beautiful!!! Orange has always been my favorite color, but I actually haven't sewn with it much as most of my projects are gifts. Thanks for the inspiration!