It's finished. 

Designed in 2010, pieced in 2011, finished in 2014.  The top is a simple square patchwork with mostly stashed JoAnn prints, plus some quilt shop stuff, some fabric I dyed in a class, and white muslin.  Plus some home dec weight.  (Whoops!) 


The backing is mostly Kona Natural, which had originally been intended for the plain squares on the front but didn't look good with a lot of the white-based fabrics.   I might have been able to squeak by just piecing two lengths of that together, but it would've been close.  So I pieced a bunch of prints from the top for the middle strip.  (Then realized I'd snuck in some of my favorite green fabric, which was actually nowhere to be found in the top.)


Hand sewing the binding took FOREVER.  It's a part that I enjoy, but holy cow.  Bound in Kona Teal (I think, it's been awhile).  The teal also matches nothing in the top. 

Dramatic tree shadows!

I designed this top in Excel, deciding individually on the placement of each color.  I was working a nice but boring temp job as a receptionist and put colors in squares between phone calls. 

I'll wash it this afternoon and hope to sleep under it tonight.  I'm a bit worried about the hand-dyed fabrics bleeding, so there will probably be a box of color catchers in the wash as well.

And now, on to the next (much, much smaller) project!

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Susan said...

What's the next project?