SNOW DAY!!!!!!!

I got up to check conditions, and we've only gotten about 5 inches so far, but it's coming down and there's barely anyone on the road, which means it's probably not getting cleared by all the traffic like it normally would. So I e-mailed work and said, and I quote, "Oh hell no!"* and now I have 10 found hours.

Snow day! Woo! I'm going to liveblog it! No, I'm probably not going to liveblog it. Maybe if it's spectacularly productive. Otherwise it will look a lot like this:

7:20: Ate some Cheerios.

8:03: 4 more rounds done on sock.

10:31: Napped.

10:49: Daytime TV sucks.

et cetera.

This is a great chance to finish Cartoon Pinball, but that's going to take some serious willpower. I might be bad and start something new.

Finally, here's a picture of what should be mountains:

But you can't see the mountains because the snow day is in the way.

I hope that you have a snow day too! Be careful out there!

*this is not a quote

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