free motion

I know what you're probably thinking - you're thinking damn, girl, those are one hot mess. And I'm agreeing with you, and then I'm all like, or maybe even just a mess. Is the "hot" in "hot mess" supposed to be a good thing? Like, you're a mess, but you're still hot? Or is it just an intensifier of the concept "mess..." and then I realize that you're just waiting for me to stop talking, so I say, in agreement, for shizzle. I am suppressing a Snoop Dog joke right now, you can tell.

Against your better judgment, you say, "why are we talking like we're hosting TMZ?" And I say, I don't know, probably because quilting is even more grandmotherly than knitting, so we're trying to jazz it up a bit. And you say, and probably also because you've been listening to that radio station. And I am kind of embarrassed, because you're right, so I just say yeah, instead of for shizzle.

Anyway, the free motion advice is always practice, practice, practice, practice. But all the posts I see feature beautiful, accomplished, close to perfect quilting, so I'm sharing my first-try in several years squares. I made a zillion of these sandwich squares for the free-motion quilting class I took awhile ago and then didn't use up. I'm planning to stipple this little 30x30 quilt in progress, so I started with that on the black square. Then, after about ten seconds, I got bored, as you can see. Tried square-ish stippling, then hey, flower!, then circles. The circles seemed to go pretty well, so after the vine and leaves, I tried some more of those, then threw in some olives, which I just made up.

It's kind of coming back to me, and I plan to keep this mini quilt, so should probably just have at it. It's all basted (safety-pinned) and ready to go. Will probably bite the bullet tonight. On the up side, I've learned that things tend to look better on the internet than in person, so that should help my confidence.

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