I am not a hunter.

But I think I now understand the urge to stuff something you've conquered and mount it on your wall. Behold, Juno Regina:

2010 10-3 002

And hey, here I am wandering around the yard:

2010 10-3 004

For a brief bit there, I wished for some kind of ball or gala to attend, because without one this will quickly be scrunched up and worn as a scarf. It will be a great scarf, though.

And then, before I even realized what had come over me, I cast on for a hat. A nice simple hat in worsted weight yarn.

2010 10-3 013

And then, just as I had noticed what was happening, I finished it:

2010 10-8 005

Et voila, a lovely and warm beret. From Knitty, the Brambles Beret in River Twist from Mountain Colors in the Whitewater River colorway. Used .77 skeins, with enough left over for some coordinating scarf or mittens. Maybe they'll appear when I come to after finishing Icarus...

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Susan said...

Gor. Geous.

And can I borrow the hat? I love it.