Not quite the same as going 80mph headfirst on a track of ice.

But at least it's a step up from sitting around eating cheetos while you watch people do that.

2010 2-20 001

This is my tea leaves cardigan, in reclaimed Twisted. The pattern looks to me like a rather understated, formal-ish sweater, but in the screamingly turquoise yarn, I'm not sure what the effect will be. Other than AWESOME.

Have I mentioned how much I love this color and this yarn? Yes? Okay, here's another picture.

2010 2-20 003

Here it is before I started back on it today. I'm using the 6s and 7s called for in the pattern, and the cords are shorter than the 32" called for, so the last ruched sections were rather unwieldy. And that fact also makes it difficult to tell how it's actually looking, because it's all scrunched. I'll divide for the sleeves soon, and should have a better idea then.

Despite this being an Olympic commitment, I've been rather flighty about it so far. Some days I really don't have the time to work on it, and that's acceptable, but I've been spending train time on my cute owl mittens, which are coming along. And my co-intern's baby is arriving sometime between now and the end of March whether or not her blanket's done, so that has been getting some attention, too.

Part of the problem, I think, is that I have no idea how long this will actually take me to make. I've gotten the question before about how long it takes to make a pair of socks, and the best answer I can come up with is "somewhere between 10 and 50 hours." To be specific.

Maybe the sleeves are small enough to be train knitting. This weekend isn't packed with schoolwork, which I shouldn't say too loud and which will probably never happen again now that I've typed it, but maybe I should set some kind of goal for progress by Sunday night. Hmmmm.

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Aunt Susan said...

Ohhhh, a baby blanket! I didn't know you were making a baby blanket. What does it look like? And please expand on the Owl mittens. They sound fun.