I've been making socks for my mom for about four years, at the rate of not very many per year. Her feet are a whole two sizes smaller than mine, so I was assuming that her socks should be a bit shorter than mine. That's not crazy, right? Shorter feet, shorter shoes, shorter socks.

So when I made her a pair that ended up fitting me pretty comfortably, and she still insisted that they fit her well, I chalked it up to Mom not wanting to tell me that they were too big and kept right on aiming for socks that were a little too short for my feet.

So, over the summer, I'm at home, and she asserts (yet AGAIN) that all the socks I've made her fit (and I'm like THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT SIZES). She says No, Really, Listen to Me, They Fit, so I went up stairs, got a Regia cotton sock that I had knit for myself and made her try it on. And of course it fit.

So, making socks for my mom just got a lot easier.

This is her latest pair, which is RPM in Mini Mochi, colorway Whatever Number the Blue/Green/Purple one is. Here is an awful picture of them being modeled by me on our balcony, which gets absolutely no sunlight like ever:

I must say, usually I'll put up with a lot from a sock yarn, but I do not love Mini Mochi.

I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture, but there were a ton of stray fibers that stuck out at crazy angles from the yarn. They were very much like guard hairs in alpaca, which tend to drive me mad with itchiness, so for a while I was pretty convinced that there was secret alpaca in Mini Mochi. Later (like... awhile later), it occurred to me that those fibers were probably nylon. If these socks wear well, I would give credit to the nylon, but I'm not convinced that several inches of nylon sticking out every three centimeters will do the trick. Also, I pulled a lot of them out as I went along, so those fibers will not be helping them wear well at all.

However, the colors are nice and the yarn is very soft.


Aunt Susan said...

And they fit perfectly!

MTB said...

Yeah, yeah, rub it in!