What the note doesn't say is that even if you do, your family will be cursed with wool allergies for the next six hundred years.

So up until today, I was the picture of patience. Ordered on the 27th, shipped on the 28th. Delivered on the 2nd, which I learned when I finally gave in to impatience and went online to track the package. !@*%#!. KnitPicks was very kind to send out a duplicate order, so I guess the only thing I'm out is time, but still. That's a chunk of time. And some @##%### probably left the !$%# box in a dumpster, because what are they going to do with a box of yarn?

I'm also glad I didn't order everything I need for Christmas knitting, because that would have been a lot bigger order.

Now I'm off to sit by my mailbox with a sniper rifle.

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MissAudrey said...

I love you. :)