Socks as fast as I can wear them

I have finished things!

2009 5-18 003

Here we have my Smooshy Dreams socks. Dream in Color Smooshy yarn, November Muse colorway, Sweet Dreams pattern (also from Dream in Color). This yarn and pattern have been in my stash for a looong time, and I'm glad I finally got to them. This was my entry in Sock Knitters Anonymous's April Knitalong (which ends at the end of May). One of April's themes was "underappreciated patterns," meaning patterns with less than 15 projects. I cast on for these as the 15th project on April 1st, then put them aside for a while.

The pattern was very easy, and I like the big honking cables paired with lace. My eyes have some trouble, when I look at the sock and pictures of it, making out what the pattern is - I wonder if that's just me.

Finally, November Muse is the wonderfullest brown I've ever seen. Lovely.

Next up are my Peaseblossom KAL Mad Color Weave socks.

2009 5-23 002

These also fit wonderfully, and the pattern is excellent -- the only mod I would suggest is knitting an extra repeat or two of the cuff pattern before starting the heel. I knit one extra one and had enough yarn left over that I probably could have done two. It came close to hitting 90F the last two days, and because we're back down to 60F today, I can at least wear them around the house once before washing them and putting them away for next year.

The Yarn Harlot recently wrote about her favorite point in a project being when it's almost done and about to really come together. I've been thinking about what my favorite point is, and I think maybe what I've come up with is the decision of which to do next. I love planning projects, to the point where thinking about what sock yarn I have and what pattern I'll make with each one might have actually risen to the level of a coping strategy. I love imagining all the possibilities.

Right now I'm at a point where it's time to make a sock blankie square out of the leftover Peaseblossom and pick what sock pattern I'm going to cast on for next. I've got 24 empty dpns within six inches of my hands as I type this, and I can't wait to fill them up again.

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