Mostly words this time

Okay, all words. I have nothing picture-worthy, sorry to say. Or maybe they're picture-worthy but I just don't feel like taking their pictures, *I* don't know, hell, blah blah blah.

The crosshatch lace socks are coming along. I bit the shortrow-heel bullet and got the second one done (in a not-quite-identical way to the first) on Sunday and am making good progress on the feet. I'm realizing that I should have made the cuffs about an inch longer than I did, even though six cuff repeats felt like a lot.

My evenings are once again freed up, so progress should pick up. I've been foolishly splitting time over three different pairs of socks, but am now all crosshatch all the time until they're done.

Wow, that came out a lot more boring than I'd intended. More vim and just... more, tomorrow.

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