I finished the Crusoe socks, and really, thank God for that.

I'm drowning in WIPs right now, and even though I'm plugging away at everything, nothing is actually getting finished. I'm 10 rows, 10 thrums, and a thumb away from finishing the thrummed mitts. 1.5 skeins away from finishing the pinwheel baby blanket (one more skein of yellow on the way, because when you plan out colors on the fly, you're not allowed to order anything you might need, right?). One flap and matching mitt on Dad's They Probably Won't Fit Glittens-cum-Mi-ttens. Still stuck at the toe of Earl Gray Sock #1 because the idea of putting it onto waste yarn and having Other try it on again is alone enough to send me to bed for a week.

Gimme Scarf is about the only thing that's visibly progressing. Other is very happy with it, which means that I am very happy with it. It's about twice as long now as it was here:

Oh, and I knit the entire cuff of the second plain stockinette Felici Arugula sock through the movie There Will Be Blood and in the car on the way home. Putting aside the sock for a second, that movie is incredible and you should see it in the theater if you have the chance. It's not a fun movie, it's not out to entertain. It's more out to blow your mind with sheer quality and awesomeness, and it succeeds.

And back to the sock, Knit Picks is discontinuing all of its Felici colorways and coming out with new ones in March, in case you've been putting off getting some specific one.

Oh, ah, and I may have obtained some sock yarn. Can't be sure.

Oh, also I cast on for two railroad rib socks at the same time.

These I'm allowed to acknowledge the existence of, because they are teaching socks -- I'm helping two of my friends make these as their first socks, and I'd like to be able to model the techniques from the same pattern. Even though most people might find this pattern boring, I really, really love it. I don't really have to think about it at all, and they go surprisingly fast, and I like how they look.

So yeah. Onward.

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