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I wandered away from the thrummed mittens for a bit, in order to participate in some knitting... not fiascos, not adventures, not abominations. What, then? Well, situations.

Situation 1: Crusoe socks: in which I learn that tennis ball green + reddish purple are not really my colors.

This is some long-stashed Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock in Dragonfly. For Crusoe, I scoffed openly (scoff scoff scoff) at the idea that a 48-stitch cast on would be in any way relevant to my foot. I picked up some 2.25mms and cast on 72. And that worked out well, because this yarn is thin. So thin that while I was still working on the gussets, I decided rather grumpily that with a thicker yarn I'd be to the toe by now. But I am forging ahead, and generally like how these are coming along.

Situation 2: That Stocking Cap I Mentioned Before: I run out of yarn and follow the pattern directions way past the time that I decide that the pattern directions are not giving me what I want in terms of this particular Stocking Cap.

Actually, my capsule summary pretty much says it all. I bought more yarn -- the store had a big old pile of it, even though I'd gotten it months ago. Months ago on sale at half off, actually, so I got the honor of paying over $20 for a skein, which did not feel so great, but I do like the yarn more than I thought I would. Knit up it got a bit quieter than it seemed in the hank, and the second skein (of exactly the same dyelot) is somehow softer than the first.

As for the problem with the directions not giving me what I wanted: I frogged and re-knit.

I finished the knitting a bit ago, so now it is time for me to get my tassel on. The tassel is, in my opinion, the best part.

Situation 3: Felici Arugula Stockinette Socks, most of which I knit in the total dark and which, being 72 sts on size 0s actually are probably a bit too small but hell if I'm going to rip an entire cuff knit in the dark.

Situation 4: Fingerless Thrummed Mitts, which, it being above 50F so consistently these days, I haven't even given a thought to. Well, no, actually, I'm about to the thumb of mitt #2. Making thrums has gotten a bit old. But, these are a nice antidote to Crusoe, because a few rows of knitting actually do make a difference in how it looks. I need near-constant positive reinforcement, apparently.

If I am being good, my next post will not be about the Way Easy Legwarmers (or whatever they're called - from LMKG) and Thraven Pomatomi I've just cast on. At least not unless I've got some finished tassel to show you...

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Meg said...

Oooh! A tassel. I vote for a tassel on the next blog!