Uhhhhhhhhh.... hi.

Oh, wow. Okay, so I turned on the comments -- mostly because Ashley told me to, but also because I've been feeling like comments work kind of differently in the knitblog community than in the regularblog community. A lot differently, actually - that's one of the many things that is very very cool about Ravelry - everyone is so freaking nice. And helpful. And by everyone, I don't even mean "you know, the 95% of people who don't view the internet as a place to be mean to strangers because your family's stopped speaking to you" - I mean really everyone. The fact that two people just decided to dedicate their waking lives to creating a community like that forms the basis for this overwhelming niceness.

So, please. Say hi. Point me to your blog. And be nice, because honestly, and I acknowledge that this is ridiculous, but honestly I'm a little afraid of you.


Ashley said...

YES! I love when people do what I say :)

Seriously, I was so glad you commented, not only because your comment was awesome and spot-on, but because I got to come read your blog. So thanks for that. I'll be popping back in, don't you worry. And really, don't fear us.

maryse said...

ahh don't be afraid. we don't bite. well maybe nibble a little sometimes ;)


mel said...

Don't be afeared!! Found you through Ashley - good stuff :)

Libby P said...

Hi, I just started reading your blog, actually clicked over from Ashley's, she did tell me to after all...hehe. Anyway, wanted to tell you not to be afraid and that I laughed out loud at your soul-as-discount-pizza-topping frustration. Also wondered where you got the pattern for your flutterby socks, its very cute. See you around!

Amanda said...

HI! Clicked over here from Ashley's. No need to be afraid. Maryse was right. We don't bite. But I am 7 months pregnant, so I might just oggle hungrily. :)