Hoofle Foofle, I love youfle

There was an incident. Involving KnitPicks. See, I was reading Lickety's (heh) post about Sheldon, the turtle pattern from Knitty, and then looking at Knitty's calendar contest, and honestly I don't have very much interest in participating. I've mentioned before that my available backgrounds for knitting & yarn photos are not ideal and I'm not so wild about being photographed myself, so, meh. BUT. Then I noticed that the grand prize is "a huge box of yarn." A huge box, you say? Of yarn, you say?

Hmmmm. I want a huge box of yarn.

To my account, I have: a finished pair of Monkey socks, a finished pair of Hedera Socks, a finished Calorimetry, an attractive brother who may be willing to model, and free access to a zoo. These things may work individually, but together, not so much. Oh, and also I now have some Sheldon-colored KnitPicks Shine Sport on its way. And some other stuff, like maybe a set or four of DPNs. And five skeins of sock yarn.

As I've noticed that many previous winners had spectacularly gorgeous backgrounds, I'm kind of wishing I'd heard about the huge box of yarn thing before I spent 10 days hanging out in the Costa Rican rainforests. Doh.

I promise actual knitting content and knitting pictures tomorrow, as while I was uploading and tagging and generally Ravelrying tonight, I finished the second Toast sock. It'll be up on Ravelry (username: orooni) later tonight, if Flickr finishes processing the pictures before I go to bed. In three hours.

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