Yarn in pottery

I finished my Hedera socks! And I took a picture of them with my 100% brand new camera phone! And probably I will never figure out how to get the pictures off of there, and so you can't see them, but it's okay, they were blurry anyway because I hadn't realized that there is a flash. Oh, and I gave them to my mom, which I why I don't just take a picture now with my camera.

Does this look good for some Monkey socks? Hell yes it does! The original plan for the Monkey socks was Sunshine Yarn (or Sunshine Handspun or something) in the Costa Rica colorway -- because monkeys live in Costa Rica (I still think this is genius, don't try to dissuade me) but then it went and sold out and I bought this stuff. It's merino/tencel, as I think I mentioned before, and I am ready to get this Monkey party started.

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