One down

I have finished the knitting part on the first Log Cabin blanket.

I have not finished the weaving-in-ends part of the first Log Cabin blanket. I will show you that part later. I've left very long ends, and my plan is to weave, weave, weave, then secure each end with a very small length of dual duty sewing thread tied in a serious knot. The yarn is whispy enough, I think, to get away with that.

Here are the projects that I'm officially not working on, kind of like how Alberto Gonzales officially can't really remember anything about anything.

Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch Sox:

LMKG Chevron Scarf:

Not pictured are the Hederas, which will probably not see any more action until the Baby Blanket X-travaganza of 2007 is over. Those will be going to Mom, because her Cinderella feet worked for the size I made the first one. I'm almost to the end of the heel flap on Sock 2, and might have fallen down a wee little bit on the whole sockyarn thing... more about that when normal knitting resumes. But for now:

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