It's not like I weigh my yarn or anything.

Coming to the toe of Simple Stockinette Mega Boots Stretch Sock #1, I was beginning to fret a bit that I may not have enough yarn to do sock #2. This is because I had worked hard to make the sock a bit taller than I've made other stockinette socks, because I always have a substantial enough amount of yarn left over - of course I figured this would be back to bite me on the arse.

So I was sad that I didn't have a drug dealer scale like so many other knitbloggers do who actually know technical things about knitting and don't completely wing everything that they do. But then I realized: I live with a drug dealer! Haha, no, I kid. I do live with an Italian, though, who at one point spent enough time weighing cheese to invest in a teeny tiny little scale.

So I said to him: hey, do you still have that cheese scale? And he said: ...yeah, why? And then I said: because I want to know if there is more yarn here (in the ball) than here (in the sock). ((And also this is the part where I say how he totally, by feel alone, correctly estimated the amount of ball yarn relative to the amount of sock yarn.))

And then he got all excited and ran to the kitchen to get out the cheese scale, and when I asked him if I could just finish the round I was on, he REFUSED out of the desire for accurate measurement. Then I made him wait while I went to get my camera, and the fact that I was photographing the momentous weighing made him feel less embarrassed about being excited to use the scale.

So, voila:

Sock yarn:

Ball yarn:

And ball yarn wins by a longshot.

I grafted the toe of sock #1 tonight. You can't see a picture of that yet, because 11pm pictures are even worse than the 5:30pm pictures above.

I'd been worried that they would come out a bit big, but this is the first sock I've made so far that actually is long enough. So I might throw it in the dryer to see if it shrinks a bit. (Because I might get soft if I actually have socks that fit my feet comfortably. The decadence!)

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