"Creative Problem Solving," it says on my resume.

I really really wanted Sorbet, by SunnySideEllen on Etsy. But my rules says only two skeins at once j- one working, one on deck. That would be Rowan 4-ply Soft and Meilenweit. And if I had any working batteries at all, I would show you my stockinette Meilenweit sock right now, but I don't. Anyway, the upshot is that that yarn is working too!

So I bought the yarn and am revising my rule:

1) One working skein(s) for a lace sock project.
2) One working skein(s) for stockinette project.
3) One skein(s) on deck.

I have needs! Stockinette needs! I can really whip off a pair of stockinette socks, especially considering that I don't like them too tall and can squeeze rounds into the smallest intervals of time. So it seems fair to have one lace pair and one stockinette pair on the needles at all times.

Yarn! Woohoo!

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