watch me juggle bowling pins

Still knitting FFH #2, hope to finish it tonight. I'm into my third skein of the stuff, and bought one more skein of plain FF and three more skeins of Fancy Fur that I actually kind of like, don't tell anyone. It's in the colorway "sunrise."

I finished the other Fetching for me, and have worn them a couple of days now. There is a problem with the ends refusing to lay flat, which I'm considering dealing with using elastic. Dunno. Also, we took pictures but the detail didn't come out well so I'll try again tomorrow.

Apparently I'm on a green-and-white kick. The scarf yarn below is destined to become a white wavy scarf, and a green my so-called scarf.

And, apropos of nothing at all today, I sent away for (ordered on the internets) an Ufsered kit in green and white. Didn't know I wanted to do colorwork. Maybe I just want that hat. Maybe I've been reading too much Eunny and Wendy. Maybe I'm very lucky I didn't stumble across the link to Wendy's Bohus pattern source first. Maybe I'm not linking it here because I don't trust myself not to drop however much money on a kit and teeny needles and a sure knitting-time-vortex. Someday.

For the time being, I'm just very excited to be working on my knitting. I'm giving a lesson tomorrow and intend to cast on for Wavy then.

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