Mmm, kelp.

So how did I not know that Eden knits?

Recently I cannot get enough of the knitting content. I am devouring archives like a baby brontosaurus devours... kelp. Nyam nyam nyam. Good archives.

Sigh. Yeah. Anyway. I'm on to fun fur hat #4, which is not fun fur at all, but polarspun or something similar. Squishy, fuzzy, lashy, not kicking my ass. That fancy fur had my ass in a sling. It was a bad scene. I used almost two skeins of it, which sucks, because I bought three, and I am not buying any more (give me an oh hell no?) and am going to have to figure out how to squeeze a hat appropriate for a 10-16 y.o. out of one and one eightieth of a skein. Size 17 needles, anyone?

I have frogged the beginnings of wavy, and was all worried about finding a basketweave pattern, but came to my senses and realized that I can invent a basketweave pattern. I don't want to use the same one as in the SNB Nation 2 book, with the knit row between pattern rows that makes a front and a back side. So I just won't. There.

Also, I'm itching to cast on for My So-Called Scarf, but then I look at the stitch pattern and think eeehhhhh. Oh, and now I am also thinking, do I have size 11 needles? Maybe in dpns.

The x-treme! consumption of knitblog archives is also giving me a serious itch to actually knit (you know, instead of just buying yarn), so I'm getting lots of stuff done, such as a cuff and part of a leg for the Belize sock.

Oooh, and also my Ufsered kit shipped today. Just for fun, I tried feeding some Polarspun from my left hand and that did not go so well. This is going to be interesting.

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